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APT Fabrics Ltd APT Fabrics Ltd APT Fabrics Ltd APT Fabrics Ltd APT Fabrics Ltd

APT Fabrics Ltd has a number of off-the-shelf products, each of which can be tailored to provide additional levels of protection. If you have any questions, please contact APT Fabrics directly. For technical information, see the specifications page.

Waterproof ranges
A market-leading laminated fabric that offers the highest levels of protection from the elements, ensuring that your staff are comfortable at all times. Tornado is ideal for railway workers (it is GORT approved) as well as the utility and corporate markets.
--Tested to En471/En343:2003 class 3.

A lightweight yet robust laminated fabric specifically geared for the police, utility, military and corporate wear markets.
--Tested to En471/343 :2003 class 3.

An excellent all-round coated fabric that provides breathability, waterproofing, anti-static properties, high-visibility and flame retardancy, along with some chemical protection.
--Tested to En343 class 3: 2003; hi-visibility to EN471:2003; anti-static properties to EN1149-1:1996; protection against heat and flame to En533 index 1, and limited chemical protection to BSEN13034:2005. Available in EN471 Yellow, Orange to GORT standards and Navy. Other colours produced to order.

Thermal regulating ranges
APT Evolution
A new range of fabrics featuring the unique Comfort plus Aluminium membrane, offering heat reflection, breathability, waterproofing and moisture management a personnel micro climate.

Flame retardant ranges
Praetorian NVK
A lightweight, waterproof knitted dropliner that provides flame retardant protection; excellent for wildland firefighting suits and riot suits. Also provides protection from blood-borne pathogens.
-- Tested to EN469:2005 clause 6.1.1 and ASTM 1670.

Praetorian Guard
A fabric produced from the lamination of a flame-retardant fabric to the Praetorian NVK knit to offer a waterproof, breathable, flame-retardant, three-layer fabric suitable for immersion and flight suits.
-- Tested to EN469:2005 clause 6.1.1 and ASTM 1670.

Praetorian Fireblocker
An intermediary layer that gives excellent protection from radiant heat.
-- EN469:1995 clause 6.1, Flame Spread.

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